Delhi Cheap Hotel Suitable for your pocket

This is a vacation time hence maximum hotels at this point of time will be jam-packed, irrespective of the fact the city ‘s temperature. New Delhi is one of the destinations, hot enough to avoid touring it right now. But those who have to will be going, anyways regardless of damn burning season.

But in order to have pleasant and cool stay in the city, you can book a good hotel here which has all the arrangements to keep you cool and refreshing. The range of rooms available here is quite wide and varied. You can choose from a versatile tariff range of Delhi hotels offering 3 star and four star rooms at the most affordable prices.

A room in nominal 3 star Hotel in Delhi will cost you around Rs. 1900 – Rs. 3000 per night if its near railway station. Delhi Hotels near Karol Bagh starts from Rs. 2200 per day stay and can range up to Rs. 6000/ day. When it comes to hotel near Delhi Airport it starts from Rs. 3000 per stay and can also cost you around Rs. 5000. In case you are looking for more cheap hotel in Delhi, then you can refer one or two star hotel which have negotiable tariffs and depends on the deal you settle with the employees. But if you are looking for pleasant and comfortable stay where you can calmly rest and have peaceful nights to sleep, three star hotels are the best. They have all the basic amenities and facilities to cater your needs and make your stay a good experience.

But if you have area of Interest in Gurgaon, staying near the railway station or at Karol Bagh won’t be feasible. In that case you can look out for Luxury Hotel in Gurgaon which priced nominally and designed especially for business travellers. They merely start at Rs. 1900 and you can get a very well designed room within Rs. 3000. The rooms will be featured with all kinds of conveniences which make you feel like home. Infact the hospitality of these cheap hotels are more cordial and friendly than the luxury ones. On one hand where you feel royal and master of all in a high charging hotel, in budget hotels you feel like a guest, a part of them. This feeling and ambience nourish you like home away from home. Hotel Lohias is one of the hotels in Mahipalpur, near Gurgaon which offers the best services and features at the best prices.