Why should one consider staying in Hotel near Delhi airport?

Delhi is one of the busiest cities not only in India but also in all over world. Number of visitors comes to Delhi from all over the globe, either as tourist or for their business purpose. Delhi is one of the most crowded cities and has number of whole sale market places which attracts large number of business man as well as it has many tourist sports and its close vicinity with Agra makes it very popular amongst the tourist. All the modern days Multi National Organizations like TCS, IBM, Met Life, Nestle and etc. have their setup in Delhi and NCR region. Due this many people from around the world comes down here to work in these organization. However due to such heavy footfall one of the major problem which tourists or other visitors face in Delhi is finding the right Budget Hotel in Delhi, that suits their budget and provide a comfortable stay.

hotel lohias 25

The first challenge in finding the right budget hotel is the location. Location plays a very important role in selecting the hotel. Even if one have selected the good budget hotel with all the amenities, if the location is remote then it would be of no use. Since Delhi is big city and traveling from one part to another part can become difficult if the location of the hotel is remote. Whatever the money one saves in the budget hotel at the end of the day they will end up giving that amount in the transportation. Hence while selecting the hotel one must ensure that hotel location must have public transport connectivity. In Delhi one of the best public transportation is system is Delhi Metro which has very wide network and one can easily go from one place to another without worrying about the huge traffic jams. Aside from that DTC buses, Taxis and Auto Rickshaws are other good options when one has to go in the interiors.

One of the best areas in terms of connectivity with other parts of Delhi and having robust public transportation is areas near Delhi Airport. This region is well connected with Delhi Metro and number of Delhi Transport corporation buses touches this area. Aside from that this area is well connected with the industrial Hubs like Gurgaon and popular market areas. Hence one can consider staying in budget Hotel near Delhi airport as it will save their time and money.


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